Learn How Entrepreneurs Are Make Millions

There are three essential ways of earning money: trading time for money, trading money for money, and trading value/ expertise for money.

The first way to earn money, which includes trading time for money, is based on society, and the formal education system encourages the first method of earning money, which involves trading time for money.

In addition, you earn money by working for someone else for a specific amount of time. However, working for someone else drains your energy, and you don’t make much money.

Many people over there work from 9 A.M to 5 P.M, yet they are living below standard, the amount of time they spend in the working place is more than what they earn.

The second way to earn money is utilized by a little or small portion of the population and involves trading money for money. That is, you are earning money through investing.

There may be a risk in Investing because if you lack additional funds, then how can you invest any money in the first place? Therefore, many people can’t even try this option since they only have enough money to pay their bills.

However, the third way to earn money involves trading expertise/value for money, which I believe is the best option.  This entrepreneurial option requires trading expertise/value for money.

This is the tactic of entrepreneurial experts.  You have a flexible schedule or program, work less, and earn more.  You can make thousands of dollars as income a day in this option.

Learn How Entrepreneurs Are Make Millions

Before you can earn money through trading expertise/value for money, there is need to first figure out who you are i.e. you need to discover yourself, and what you can give to others.  What information do you know or have that could help others?  You can even find value from previous work experience or from your hobbies. What do you have passion for?  From this you can create or build your intellectual property.

What is Intellectual property?  Intellectual property comprises e-commerce and book publishing.  For example, you can write or publish and sell an eBook; you can become affiliate by helping others selling their products and get commission.

Recently concluded research has shown that approximately 6 out of every 10 American adults surf the Internet daily in search of entertainment, education, business, social networking and to shop for products.

People are more comfortable buying online than in the past.  The market through the Internet is global and encompasses millions of people.  Therefore, the information marketing business has room for everyone!

When you want to market on the Internet, you market to your niche.  By this, you don’t need to worry about whether your neighbour will want to purchase your product.  The Internet opens a niche market for you.

Learn How Entrepreneurs Are Make Millions

If creating and selling intellectual property online is easy, why isn’t everybody doing this?  The formal educational system, previous societal beliefs, and way of life are to blame.

In school, we were taught to finish school and then become an employee at a company.  The entrepreneurial spirit is not promoted; in fact, it is nearly shunned.

Don’t allow societal beliefs to stop and prevent you from been an entrepreneur   .  The intellectual property market is wide, varied, and ready to fill your pocket book with cash.


Oyundoyin Anthony is a blogger and an affiliate marketer that offers helpful contents to people who are looking for different products for their needs. He enjoys helping people to achieve success in their business.

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  1. Hi Anthony,

    I find your website/blog very educative. it has most of the information I’ve been researching on coz I want to start a website to promote/sell MLM products and at the same time be involved in affiliate marketing. I hope you can assist me on most of the areas which are still grey areas considering that I have no IT experience(Limited IT background) . However I’m ready to sacrifice even if its going back to class just to get that IT knowledge because I’ve realized there could be a fortune for me hidden within the internet marketing world. I need all the help in the world coz I cant wait to see my website up and running. Henry Karani

    • Hi Henry,thanks for your comment,to become affiliate marketing or start internet marketing does not require IT experience, you only need to get details information on how to start affiliate marketing.The are thousands of information online that can help you,you can even check YOUtube for more information.Do you now how to create website or blog?Let me know and i will know the next step.Thanks


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