9 Blogging Equations You Must Balance To Become Influential Blogger

9 Blogging Equations You Must Balance To Become Authority And Influential Blogger


Blogging is one of the best ways to generate income online. Some quite their day job for blogging while some are part- time blogger.

It doesn’t matter any category you belong to. If you are a serious blogger who want to get best from blogging sphere, there are some tips you need to follow to become authority blogger.

In this post, I am going to talk about 8 blogging equations you must balance before you can become authority blogger.

I’m sure you know what I mean by equation?

It is chemistry term. Equation means to maintain a balance between two sides (Reactant and product).

Most people started blogging without any ideas on what they are blogging about, and along the way, they wither away without any result.

The most difficult thing about online business is to work for months and no result, you begin thinking maybe something wrong about your niche.

Some bloggers are making thousands of dollar every month while some are making penny even zero after spending hour’s written content, driven traffic and so on.

Why some are making money while other are not within the same niche?

The simple answer is blogging equation.Some got it right (Balance) why some got it wrong(Unbalanced)

Bloggers like Neil patel, Dean of backlinko, jon Marrow of betterbloger,  Darren Rowse of problogger know what it take to maintain a balance equation in blogging. They follow every aspects of blogging to get a maximum result.

What are they doing to make them become influential and authority bloggers?

They balance blogging equations.

If you want to get the same result, then read the below blogging equations and make sure you balance them.

9 Blogging Equations You Need To Balance Become Authority and Influential Blogger

Equation 1: Passion + Ideals →Niche Selection

The first equation is reaction between passion and ideas that produce niche selection

Why this is important? If you are starting a business without any ideas, knowledge and passion toward the business, do you think such business can grow?

If you create a blog on how to play piano and you don’t have skill and passion even knowledge on how to play piano, that means you won’t be able to write quality content that can solve visitor’s problem.

Except you hire someone to work for you if you are working on any niche without any passion and ideas.But not withstand it is very essential to work with niche you can boost of if there is any questions you need to answer or want to render help for you readers.

Learn how to convert your ideas and passion to money making system.

Equation 2. Quality Domain + Best hosting →Quality Blog

When it comes to online business, domain name plays very important role and it signify your company. Getting quality domain is very important like .com.net and .org.

Does your domain name easily remember?

For example, betterblogging.com is prefer that makingsenceofcent.com. People should be able to remember your domain name. Short name is far better than long name. What of Bloggingtip.com?

Where to host your website is also is another factor to considered.There are thousands of web hosting but some are better than other.

If you want your website to load fast without any fear of server down, it is recommended to host them with best hosting such as Bluehost, Hostgator etc.

Equation 3: Design + Premium Theme + Plugin→Attractive Blog

Does your website attractive to your visitors?

Blog design is very important and it tells whether you are a serious blogger or not. To build a better blog require premium theme and plugins.

If you find it difficult to give your blog design, you can get someone to help you from Fiverr for just 5 dollar.

If you are a visitor, and land on ugly website, how would you feel?

Give your blog a very attractive look, your readers will love it.

Equation 4: Quality Content + Promotion →Traffic

Everybody knows that content is the king, yes of course but quality content without promotion may not yield any result.

One of the best ways to expose your content to readers is to promote it through social media, email marketing etc.

Most people apply rule 20/80, which means 20 percent content and 80 percent promotion. But I do disagree with the rule.

In my own few, I think it should be 50/50. Taking more time to write quality content is very important, even if you promote content that add no value, not solving reader’s problem is like wasting of time.

Take 50 percent of time to write quality blog post and 50 percent of time to promote it will bring in ROI.

Equation 5:  Autoresponder + Converting Squeeze Page →List Building + Money

Now, you have taking your time to create quality blog and write quality content. You need to capture the email of your readers to build strong relationship.

Two things are important, autoresponder software and squeeze page plugin. These are very important to succeed in list building.

You have heard the word “there is money in the list”. List building is not only to build relationship with readers, it is the key to generate more income by promoting offers through email marketing.

Equation 6: Onpage SEO + Offpage SEO →Search engine traffic

SEO is a great way to get search engine traffic if done properly without trying to game Google. One page SEO has impact on your website to rank most keywords. Off page SEO refer to the link building.

To get maximum result from search engine, it is necessary to combine the two and follow Google instruction especially when it comes to off page SEO.

Equation 7 :Facebook+ Pinterest +Twitter+ Google Plus → Social media Traffic

Social media is among the best ways to get targeted traffic and expose your company to thousands of people. Connecting with Facebook, Twitter, pinterest and Google plus will increase social traffic to your blog.

People will see you as authority within your niche if you have thousands of followers.

Equation 8: Monetization strategy →Double Income

Are you just creating blog for the sake or to make more income?

One of the easiest ways to convert your blog to money is to monetize your blog.There are many ways to monetize your blog and this depend on the niche in most cases.

Develop monetization strategies may increase your income. You can monetize your blog with Google AdSense, Affiliate product, writing product review, placing banners etc.

Equation 9: Connect with Influential bloggers→Authority

Influential bloggers are well known with a lot of followers. This can expose your business and gain more traffic if you connect with 2 or 3 influential with your niche.

One of the best places to connect with influential people is through social media such as Facebook and twitter.

People within your niche will respect you and see you as authority. They will listing to you and also follow you if you give them solution to their problem.

Wrapping Up

The road to become authority and influential blogger is not as difficult but it require little effort. When you are pursuing a goal, you don’t need to think whether it is reachable or not but think about how to accomplish it.

Everybody has desire to achieve great things in life. If want to become influential blogger follow what those influential bloggers are doing, learn from them and spy on them will quickly give you ideas of what to do.

Balance the above blogging equation will help you to get a maximum result while your followers will see you as authority in your niche.

Now is your turn.

After reading this post, what is your opinion? Let me know from your comment.

Thanks for taking time to read this article.

Oyundoyin Anthony is a blogger and an affiliate marketer that offers helpful contents to people who are looking for different products for their needs. He enjoys helping people to achieve success in their business.

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