How to Get Your First 100 Twitter Followers

Everybody knows that if you follow people on Twitter, a portion of those users will also follow you back. But is the best way to get your first 100 Twitter followers?

Actually, it is not! From running contests and writing guest posts to reach out to some influencers, you can use up to 10 different strategies to grow your Twitter follower count.

To know how you can use each of these strategies and the impact they will have on your account, I have created an infographic that explain in detail the tactics and ways to implement them.


Twitter is not just a numbers game. The higher the quality followers you have, the more re-tweets and favorites you will get. This will give you more visibility and increase your Twitter follower count.

You need to be very careful not to engage in the following practices to avoid losing your followers:

Tweeting too many broadcasts that aren’t directed at anyone can reduce your follower count by 2.6x.

High negative sentiment can reduce your follower count by 1.8x.

Using unusable hashtags can decrease your count by 1.2x.

So, what strategies do you use to grow and increase your Twitter following?

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