How to double Your Traffic with YouTube

     How to double Your Traffic with YouTube and Get More Share is one of the best ways to get traffic and backlinks but many people don’t realize the importance of it when it comes to promotion and marketing. How can you get backlinks through This just simple, create 1 or 2 minute video and upload it on YouTube with your keywords.You will get details on how to double your traffic with YouTube with little effort.

How to double Your Traffic with YouTube and Get More Share

           How to double Your Traffic with YouTube

Before you start cranking out videos, It is important to take a moment to discuss what make a great video. Our goal is to ensure that people find our video to be “worth view and watching”. In order to achieve that, we need to keep a few things in mind.

                                              Components of Great Video

  • Very interesting and directed toward target audience
  • Very Informative
  • Leaves the viewer feeling a need to visit your site
  • Has good potential to go viral
  • Appear professional

                                                               How to create video

 There are many ways you can create video, so it depends on your choice, you can use software like .

Recommended screen recording software:

Camtasia –

Jing –

Screenflow (Mac) –


Another best way to speedily create your video is to use Animoto at .Animoto is a software (free and paid) you can use to create videos in minutes for free. All your work is to upload your own photos or put your own text in, select the music and layout, and Animoto will do the rest (it’s really easy). But if you want a better result to come out of your video, I advise you to upgrade to paid version, as at the time I checked their website the price start from $5. You can create as many as possible video with a minute and upload the on YouTube at

Getting Traffic To Your Site With YouTube.

                                 Create several accounts

Let’s assume you are in the weight loss niche. Your company is “Exercise and Gym”

You’ll want a brand page

  • /Bestexercise/Exercise and gym

And some other accounts that look like people.

  • /weightlosstips
  • /lossingweight fast
  • /loss10pounds

It is necessary to keep them all in a spreadsheet so you can keep track the accounts and your progress.

                         Create 3-5 Videos

Make 2-3 videos that present the actual point of the website you are promoting.

Make sure that the videos are high quality and short, just 1-3 minutes is alright.

Make sure you alter the Videos Slightly (1 for each account)

Next -Post the same video across several accounts. Before you post the videos, make sure you alter them slightly in order to prevent YouTube’s auto detection not to flag your account. You can alter them in several ways such as;

  • change the music
  • change the background color of the video
  • slightly change the time (this way you’ll also get a different preview image)
  • You can also change the color of any captions you may have

                         Time to Upload Your Videos

When you’re ready, upload the slightly different videos across all the accounts you created. Only use the same video on up to 2 or 3 accounts.

So if you have six accounts and 3 videos, spread them across the six accounts.

It is very important to optimized title, description and tags when posting the videos — focus your keywords with best practice optimization.Consider a clickable link also overlaid onto the video itself.

Transcribe the videos. YouTube’s auto-transcription is usually bad just make your own and upload it.

How to Upload A Transcription

Below are the steps to upload your video transcription in order to get best results

Step 1.Check if one is already exists

  1. Sign into your YouTube account
  2. Go to your video
  3. Go to ‘Captions’

How to double Your Traffic with YouTube and Get More Share

Step 2 .See if one exists already

You will see it broken up frame by frame — most of the time the auto-transcription is terrible and bad

Just click on Download, as shown below.

How to double Your Traffic with YouTube and Get More Share

Step 3

Edit it and upload a new transcription file

How to double Your Traffic with YouTube and Get More Share

  How To Optimize Your Video

There are many benefits of using YouTube, apart from getting backlinks and traffic to your site, it will make your site ranks very well in Google, and you will be getting more traffic to your site without any effort. When uploading your video, make sure you Optimizing Your Title, the generally accepted idea is that takes into consideration your title when ranking your video. So your title is important.

Write A Long and Descriptive Video Description: Your video description is very important  and does play a part in telling Youtube the relevance of your video with regards to your subject matter, so it’s important to write a keyword rich description. You description should be Call To Action.

Putting Your website URL At The Top of The Video Description

If there’s one thing you want people to catch, it’s your website URL that is the URL of your site .So where else better to put it than at the very top of your video description?

Many online marketers have tested this method and the click through rate skyrockets when the website URL is at the very top. So make sure it’s the first thing you put in your video description.

How to get more video view And Share

Video view and like play important roles in making your video page ranks high , so you need to get more people to view your video. To achieve this you may need to post your video on your Facebook page, so all your fans will be able to watch it, by this your video will quickly rank very high on Google. Do the same with your twitter account by posting the URL of your site or direct them to your video URL. This method is so powerful as you can get thousands of traffic without any hard work.

                                How to Increase View Count Early

These following are free services will help you increase view-count rapidly, which is an important factor in YouTube ranking.

How to double Your Traffic with YouTube and Get More Share

It is important to exercise all natural and long-term methods of attracting eyes on your videos before falling back to less than honest options.

           How to optimize your YouTube to get views quickly

The following methods take a little more effort and work, but it can also help to optimize your YouTube video to get views quickly.

  1. Look for another video within your niche or similar to yours that has a high number of views and ranks well.
  2. Check their title and use it in your title, description & tags .Just change them slightly to fit your video.
  3. Post your video

Note: If you embed a video on your site, make sure you do not let it auto play. Apart from users find this annoying, no one of the views from the embedded version will count towards total view count.

You can also use, where they will share your videos with their Facebook, Twitter and Facebook followers, giving you views and likes. There are many people there offering such services, so you can give them a try. But only buy gigs offered by reliable service providers. Read their reviews before you place an order with them.

                                                                         Use power of HeySpread

Uploading videos to YouTube certainly has great benefit, but the best tactic is uploading to multiple video sites. Unfortunately this can become quite time consuming. But there are some services that can help you automate this process.

HeySpread is one of my favourite video distribution tools. It is web based, and also cheap.

You can submit your video to 18 sites with little capital. You only create a free account, upgrade, and start submitting.

You just need to upload your video once, and HeySpread will then take care of spreading it to the other sites. They also keep track of the video submissions, and even email you a list of the entire URL where your videos are located after they are live.

You can sign up for HeySpread account here:

                                         Recommend Sites To submit Your Video

Final Word

If there’s one advice to give, it’s this…

Create Useful And Helpful Videos For Humans, Not Just ordinary Video To Rank high On!

You are making real videos that will be viewed by people like you, and if people are going to click through to your website from your videos, they will only click your URL if your video had helped them find what they were looking for in the first place. Do your videos provide adequate information or answer most questions of your customer?

Know how your video can help people in order to generate traffic for you.

It is alright even if your videos are not incredible. People will value your advices in the videos if it’s made clearly, very audible and helpful to them.

As I explained before use whatever you have to start your video like Windows Live Movie maker or Apple’s iMovie to get started. Use your webcam or smart phone for filming. They come in high resolutions these days, so you will be fine with them.

Finally, TAKE ACTION NOW! And may you find video marketing success




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