How I Made $800 on ClickBank As Affiliate

How I made 800 on Clickbank with Just Affiliate Banner on my blogHow I made $8000 on ClickBank

Making money online is not as difficult as many people think but it only requires little commitment. There are various ways to make money but the easiest one is affiliate marketing and blogging.

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You can start blogging on your area of interest. If you love food, you can start a food blog and teach people how to prepare delicious food etc.

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There are many ways to make money from a blog such as a banner ad, promote an affiliate product, sponsor post etc.

For example, if you want to promote affiliate product from Clickbank, you can check the affiliate page of that product to get access to promotional tools such as banners, articles, email.

There are affiliate programs you can join and start promoting their products.

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Why do you need to start your own blog and start making money?

If you are looking for a way to increase your income either as full time or part-time, start blogging. If you are tired of 9 to 5 pm job, you can quit your day job after 6-8 month of blogging.

Ready to start your won bog?

Here is how to start your blog on Bluehost with just $2.95 per month.

How I made $800 on Clickbank by placing banners on my blog.

It is crucial to learn how to monetize your blog, even if you’re getting millions of traffic every day, you may still not making money if you can’t show relevant offers to your readers. This is what I learnt from making sense of affiliate marketing by Michelle.

If you’re not making money from your blog, or have no experience on how to make money from affiliate marketing by promoting an affiliate offers, you may want to check Affiliate Bootcamp FREE training.

If you are not familiar with Clickbank, it is one of the best affiliate networks with more than 10,000 products to promote on different niches.

Sign up with

Then, at the top of the website, click on the marketplace. It will direct you to where you can get access to categories of the product such as health and fitness, marketing, Games, internet and computer, to mention a few.

Click on any of the niches that related to your blog. It will bring you different products according to their gravity.

Pick a product and check the affiliate page where you can get access to a banner.

Copy the code of the banner and place it on your blog. You can post the code at the sidebar of your blog or within the post that is receiving more view or traffic.

To learn more on how to make money on Clickbank, here is the blog post:

Other ways to make more money on Clickbank is to write a review of the products. Writing products review is one of the best ways to quickly make sales when promoting an affiliate product.

Another way is email marketing. There is money in the list. If you have not started building your list, I strongly advise you to start today.I am using Convertkit and I am pleased with the result.

Build High Converting Sales Funnel

If you want to build 6 figure affiliate marketing business, you need to get your hand on sales funnels. One of the best tools to create high converting sales funnel is Clickfunnels. This is what top affiliate marketers are using to build thousands of email list every month and monetize it with high converting offers.

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Alternatively, you can get Russell Bruson sales funnels that help him sell thousands of his products. These funnels have been tested, so you don’t need to stress yourself.

Getting traffic to your blog.

One of the major challenges most bloggers face is how to get targeted traffic to their blog.

If you want to get tons of traffic without pay dime, Pinterest Avalanche is the answer.

If you are not using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, you are missing a lot. Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest and Google.

If you want to get the best result from Pinterest, sign up with this tool to automate the process.

Tailwind app – You can start for free and upgrade later.

How I made $800 on Clickbank with a banner: Summary

  • Create a Clickbank account if you don’t have.
  • Click on the marketplace at the top of the Clickbank
  • Choose a product to promote
  • Click on the affiliate page of the offer
  • Get access to the banner code
  • Copy the code and place it on your blog/website
  • Link to affiliate product within your blog
  • Drive more traffic

My blog Income I have made more than $800 without any stress.

Google AdSense. Google AdSense is another source of income. You can sign up with Google Adsense and place the code on your blog.

You need to learn how Google AdSense works before you can get a better result.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for an alternative source of income without quitting your day job, I strongly recommend blogging. Starting your own making money blog will help you to pay your bill, electricity and more.

Don’t wait till tomorrow, start today.

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How To Get The Best Result From Your Blog

Drive targeted traffic to your blog using social media. Both Facebook and Pinterest work for me, but you can also try Twitter and Instagram.

Find high paying affiliate programs within your niche. Here is the blog post on affiliate marketing programs for bloggers.

Build List: There is money in the list, and if you have not started, it is not too late. You can start 14-day free trial from convertKit.

Learn more about affiliate marketing. Check affiliate Bootcamp free training. I took this course and it has helped me in my affiliate marketing business.

Now, it is your turn

Tell us how your strategies on how you make money from blogging.

Let hear from you through a comment.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you gain from it.

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Making Sense of Affiliate marketing

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