Entrepreneur Resolution Checklist For 2017

Entrepreneur Resolution Checklist 2017

Entrepreneur Resolution Checklist

The turn of the year is a perfect moment for entrepreneurs to turn over a new leaf in the way they run their business. Entrepreneurs do not have to make any pivotal decisions, especially if the business is doing fine.

Entrepreneur Resolution Checklist For 2017

What we are aiming at here is improving some soft spots and making your business more competitive in the contemporary market. The following strategies will help you give your company a special boost in 2017.

Keep up With the Tech Innovations

A report published by Search Engine Land in August 2016, showed that 58% of all the Google searches in the USA were made from mobile devices. Also, there are more than 1.1 billion websites in the world at this moment.

What is more, this number is only going to grow in the years to come.

Modern entrepreneurs need to embrace the novelties that are coming from inside the tech world. From responsive websites and mobile apps to cloud storage services and software cloud options.Contemporary business people can use numerous online perks to improve their business performance.

Expand the Business Network

Let’s say you are about to launch a new product and you want to organize a business event. The easiest way to invite all the relevant business associates to such an occasion is to simply send them an invitation email.

However, this will not be a simple task if your email list is scarcely populated. The point is that connecting with other businesses and making contacts should be an everlasting process.

If you start expanding your network only when you need something, you efforts will be futile. What you should do is constantly establish new connections.

For instance, visit and follow Facebook pages of your associates. Moreover, be active on LinkedIn or register to websites or online forums that gather professionals from your field of work.

All these moves will improve the position and status of your business.

Introduce Team Autonomy

Authority or autonomy– that is the question. After decades of work based on strict hierarchy and authority of business owners, the nature of work organization is changing.

Present- day business people are leaning towards giving greater autonomy to their team leaders and employees.

According to an analysis published by the Harvard Business Review, a large number of modern workers want a higher level of autonomy.

These findings should encourage entrepreneurs to test a hands- off approach in their business management. If employees are given a higher level of freedom, they will be able to express their creative ideas without any restraint.

In the long term, this can only contribute to faster growth of your business.

Turn to Positive Values

The web is brimming with fake life coaches and obscure advisers who claim to have discovered the essence of modern business practice.

While those personas are just trying to make easy money by pointing out the obvious, they are right when it comes to one thing– you need to maintain a positive attitude to work.

The less negative energy gets through your office door in the morning, the more successful a work day you will have. One of the crucial features here is a polite but a relaxed communication with your staff.

If you decide to purge your office of negative energy and radiate only its positive counterpart, it will boost your employees’ morale.

The positive energy kit consists of simple and free things such as kind words of support, honest smiles, and a constructive approach to solving problems.

Emphases Your Advantages

No business can succeed in the harsh competition of the modern business world unless they manage to stress out their positive sides.

You can theorize about it for ages, but it requires a convincing and a unique strategy for promoting your advantages. Here is where the positive attitude from the previous paragraph is of great importance.

If your workers spread the word about your business and they are satisfied with the way you handle it, it will be worth more than a thousand ads.

Apart from that, your marketing strategies are extremely important for creating a positive image in the public. They should always include your previous business successes.

Nowadays, they can be easily presented through striking visuals, like high-resolution photos and HD-videos.

Insist on Fiscal Discipline

Every entrepreneur working in this time and age knows how difficult it is to maintain a strict fiscal discipline. Many factors influence making financial decisions in every company and business owners often do not have a rational insight in their finances.

Because of that, it is recommended to hire a business adviser. Even if you do not have any particular problems, having such an assistant by your side is a great backup plan.

Moreover, entrepreneurs should also learn about all the possible expenses a startup can have, such as interest rates on late loan payments, surety bonds for special projects or increased prices of supplies.

If you stay informed on the trends of the market, you will be able to anticipate the problem and react on time to save your business.

Commit to Learning

The times when education was over with the last day of school are behind us. This information- governed world demands lifelong learning and improving.

Entrepreneurs are the pillars of the global economy, which is why they have to be role models for every single kind of behavior they expect from their employees.

Due to that, you should commit a certain amount of time to learning something new every single day. It can be reading about new trends in your business field, using new software tools, or attending various courses.

The main point here is not only memorizing new information. What you will achieve through constant learning is teach your mind how to stay in good shape.

By developing such an open- minded attitude, you will be able to work for a longer period in time and accomplish your business goals.

The stage of entrepreneurship is rapidly changing. Nowadays, there is no time for hesitation or indecisiveness. If you manage to create a set of productive habits, your performance rate will rise, resulting in greater efficiency.

This time is the best time for introducing new resolutions into your business. By implementing the resolutions presented in this piece, you will improve the way you deal with professional challenges and make your business a more successful venture.

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