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Adtrics Academy Review 2019


Adtrics Academy Review: How To Master The #1 Most Valuable Skill That All Businesses Need For Thriving Success By Becoming A Certified Media Buyer.

There’s no doubt that one of the skills set that any person would need is media buying and generating unlimited traffic on demand is what every business needs.

Here is what I’m going to cover in this adtrics review

  • Adtrics Academy Review-A Quick Overview
  • What is Adtrics Academy
  • Adtrics Academy-Creator
  • Adtrics Features And Benefits
  • Adtrics pricing
  • Adtrics refund policy
  • Adtrics Review-The Final Taught

Adtrics Academy Review: A Quick Overview

  • Product: Adtrics Academy
  • Creator: Fred Lam
  • Price:$2,497 (3 payment of $977)
  • Official
  • Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

What Is Adtrics Academy?

Adtrcs academy review

Adtrics academy training is unlike any other program that has been released in history. It is a complete live coaching call that tailors to newbies to become a high-performance media buyer.

AdTrics Teaches You How To Master The #1 Most Valuable Skill That All Businesses Need For Thriving Success By Becoming A Certified Media Buyer.

Adtrics Academy: Creator

Fred Lam’s first-ever launch (iPro Academy) was a full-blown traffic course that resulted in an outstanding success which has helped thousands of business owners to grow their business and expand their brand.

He started his online business while employed as a dishwasher at a local restaurant. He struggled to unlock the secret codes to succeed in the online business industry.

He is successful and accomplishes many crucial tasks as a professional media buyer. Fred is a well-known and recognized as the youngest marketing manager for BMW Group Canada. He is the CEO of Zero Up and Ipro Academy, a multi-million dollars business.

Lam is not only coaching but help and trained thousands of young students all over the world.

How AdTrics Work?

The program is an interactive and Live coaching session for eight weeks, with ZERO Knowledge, ZERO Experience, you can become a Media Buyer. It is a skill set that anyone can apply to any business in any industry and help you grow your own business.

You will learn the following:

  • How to profit In media buying
  • How to generate unlimited targeted traffic to your website
  • Understand the hyperreactive buyer present in any business
  • How to turn social media traffic into profit
  • YouTube marketing secrets

What Are The Modules  In Adtrics Academy Program?

  • Module 1-The Foundation
  • Module 2-Paradigm Shift
  • Module 3-The Traffic
  • Module 4-The Data

The program focuses on FOUR crucial stages

  • Stage 1: The 6 B.S Framework
  • Stage 2: The High-performance Media Buyer Mindset
  • Stage 3:8 Weeks Live Intensive Media Buying Coaching Call
  • Stage 4: Big Data And Scaling Up

Adtrics Extra Modules

  • Adtrics Alliance
  • 4 Weeks Copywriting Mastery
  • Application Tools
  • Media Buyer Certificate
  • Personal MBA Facebook Group Access

Adtrics Members Area Overview

Welcome Video

Fred Lam welcome all member and brief information about the training.

Module 1: The Foundation

Fred Lam describes the potential strategies and objective of the course, which cover the following business: E-commerce, Lead generation, Local business, Agencies, affiliate marketing and digital publishing.

Here is what you will learn in module 1:

1: E-commerce Dropshipping Blueprint.

It covers the following:

  • Dropshipping
  • Joint Ventures
  • Amazon FBA
  • eCommerce Ad Strategies: Free Plus Shipping Method
  • eCommerce Ad Strategies-Single Product
  • eCommerce Ad Strategies-Cold Amazon
  • Scaling Up eCommerce-Affiliate

2: Local Businesses 

The local businesses cover the following:

  • Local business blueprint
  • local business Ad Strategies: Couponing
  • local business Ad Strategies-Contest
  • local business Ad Strategies-Marketing
  • Scaling Up Local Business-Refer-A-Friend

3: Lead Generation 

  • Lead Generation Blueprint
  • Lead Generation Ad Strategies-Close Method
  • Lead Generation Ad Strategies-Value method
  • Lead Generation Ad Strategies-Arbitrage method
  • Scaling Up Lead-Generation-Referrer Fee
  • Scaling Up Lead-Generation-Alliance

Others are:

  • Agencies
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital publishing

Module 2:

The Paradigm Shift

In this module, you will learn step by step on how to develop a growth mindset. This module is full of amazing things about digital marketing.

  • Traffic
  • Traffic Plan
  • Using data to drive targeted traffic
  • Ad Hooks
  • Traffic types(Cold.Warm and Hot)
  • The Psychology behind Ad
  • Ad Cost
  • Understand Your Customers
  • Ad compliance

Module 3: Traffic

This module includes 8 weeks of interactive sessions where you can interact with Fred Lam, the master of a media buyer. He revealed the secrets of attracting millions of targeted traffic from top websites.

You will learn how to generate traffic from the following:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • YouTube

and other platforms be simply implementing media buying.

If you want to learn more about Facebook ads, you can check Targeting Academy review. This is an in-depth training on how to run successful FB ads to grow your business.

Module 4: The Data

Data analysis is a great way to find targeted customers. You learn how to generate data and use to target your audience.

Adtrics Academy Features And Benefits

Let look at the features of the adtrics academy by Fred Lam and what to expect after the completion of the course.

1. Get Direct Access To Fred Lam’s 8-Week Live Mentorship

Imaging, getting access to 8-Week Live Mentorship, a highly interactive LIVE coaching session and learn the exact strategies to become a high-performance media buyer.

Here is what You will Learn From this Session

  • The Media Buyer Launchpad
  • The three simple Steps formula to turn Social media traffic into profit
  • How to Tap Into the massive pool of hyperactive buyers for any businesses
  • The traffic secrets to advertising on 95% of the worldwide web
  •  Mastering the art of Video advertising on YouTube
  • The simple tricks to create an Infinite Loophole of sizzling hot traffic
  • The media buyer’s guide to scaling up any business
  • Learn to become a media buyer with excellent result
  • learn how to use the podcast hosting site to host your podcast.

This is a custom-tailored to you to ensure you get the maximum results and gives you the ability to potentially generate six figures a year with this most valuable skill set that helped Fred build eight figures in revenue.

With Adtrics course, you can become an expert in media buying; this will help you to grow your business and also help your clients; this is a double win.

2. Master Fred Lam 6 Brilliantly Strategic Framework That can apply in any business.

Lam explained that learn ONE of his B.S. frameworks will help you from being a complete beginner to a successful high-income earner. He explained that most of his students are 6-figure earners and hundreds of people on track to generate multi- figures online.

When you enrol into Adtrics Academy, you’ll learn all the six different B.S. frameworks for you to leverage the most valuable skill set of media buying into any business.

3.Shifting Paradigm To A High-Performance Media Buyer

adrtics academyLet Fred mentor you to escape common pitfalls that lead to the failure of most media buying campaigns. If you want to succeed, you need to understand that the art of media buying and psychology work hand in hand. Understanding what your audience is thinking, there are 99 per cent chances to be successful in crafting the right message to them at the right time, and more likely to achieve amazing results.

 4. The Infinite Loophole To Build 6 figure Business In a Year

Fred Lam Adtrics Review

Even if you do not have any business yet, the course will help you to learn how to acquire clients and apply Fred Lam’s proven Infinite Loophole strategy to their businesses and charge them at least $2500 per service.

Here is another great opportunity to build a profitable and successful media buying business and help many business owners to grow their business while you become an expert and build your brand.

The ultimate scaling strategy to generate highly targeted leads and keep educating them in your sales funnel and generate more revenue.

5.The Secrets behind Leveraging Big Data To Turn Traffic Into A Revenue-Generator

adtrics by Fred lam

This is where many media buyers fail because they don’t know how to properly analyze and optimize the campaign data they missed out on profit opportunities to scale as a result,

So, if you want to be successful in this business, understand that data is the ultimate key to your media buying success.

After completing Adtrics Academy training, you will know the exact method to pinpoint key performance metrics and creatively leverage the power of big data to scale up your business without feeling lost and overwhelmed.

6.Your Opportunity To Work With Fred Lam Directly

adtrics by Fred lam

Fred Lam built this program because he needs more media buyers in his business. If you become Adtrics Certified, you will have the potential opportunity to work directly for Fred Lam and his businesses and of course, get continuous, direct coaching from him.

Register with Fred Lam Adtric academy will qualify you to be added into their Adtrics Alliance and acknowledged as a High-Performance Media Buyer and become a media buyer for Fred’s network of entrepreneurs.

Conversely, there are strict qualifications, and your first step is to get certified with High-Performance Media Buyer Certification Program, so you can network with other experts in the field and gain a wider experience.

The training is a lifetime opportunity to become a certified medial buyer. If you’re internet marketer, the training will help you to master the art and science of getting millions of traffic to grow your business.

If you’re new to online business, this is a great chance to set up media buyer business and build your brand. With this system; you can start a media buyer business that can generate you seven figures per year. Many companies and entrepreneurs are looking for experts in media buying to grow their business.

Adtrics Academy Review: The Bonuses

Bonus #1: Private Media Buyer Alliance (MBA) (Value $799)

When you register for the training, you will get access to Fred Lam community full of media buyer experts.

Imaging, join Fred Lam and other aspiring high-performance media buyers to get the latest digital media buying industry trends and updates, to share and receive support with others on this journey to media buying success.

Bonus #2: 4-Week Copywriting Mastery (Value $1,997)

The four weeks copywriting will help in understand the psychology of your audience and master the ability to convert a desired action through the power words. If you are looking for a way to develop and improve your copywriting skills, this course will help you.

Bonus #3: Exclusive Invitation To Marketers In Black (Value $1,997)

Get a free ticket to the 3-day live event in Vancouver, Canada where you will meet Fred Lam and other experts media buyers from around the world. Fred gives a special live training for the next level knowledge business blueprint and connections as a Digital Media Buyer.

If you’re ready to become a certified media buyer, then this is a most interactive training where you will learn ins and out of digital media buyer. They will walk you through every step to become an expert and how you can quickly using what you have learnt to grow and scale up your business and other clients who need your service.

What I LIKE About Course

No Basic Knowledge Required: You can even start with zero knowledge unlike other certifications, coaching classes, where you need to have basic knowledge of the course. All that you need is to complete the course and become a professional media buyer in the digital world.

Live Interactive Sessions: The entire course is built for online learning to make it convenient and effective for students. So, you can easily get access to the course from any location in the world.

Opportunity to Work with Fred Lam and his team: After the certification training, you will get the free access to join Fred Lam community of experts in media buying. This will give you the opportunity to become influential in the media buyer industry.

What I Don’t Like

The Cost of the training: Not everybody who is interested in the course would be able to afford it. At $2,497 or 5-month payment plan at $997, I think it is a little bit expensive.

But, for those who want to tap into a new opportunity that can generate 7 figures per year, the prize should not be what will hinder you to become a certified media expert and pursue your goal.

There is a lot of money can be made from this industry as many companies and business owners are looking for media buyer experts to help them grow and scale up their business.

After the completion of the Fred Lam Adtrics training, you can start your own media buyer agency and start attracting clients who ready to pay you huge money for your service. Not only that, but this will help you also if you’re a business owner to scale up your business and make more profit.

Adtrics Academy pricing

The cost of the training is $2497 for the one-time payment or $997 for 3 months. The price seems a little expensive but if you can find means and become a professional media buyer, your first client paycheck can cover the cost.

Adtrics Academy Refund Policy

They offer 30 days refund policy, either you paid one-time payment or instalment payment. Just request for refund if you’re not satisfied with the training. You will get a refund within 24 hours.

Adtrics Academy Review: Final Taught

The Adtrics academy course LIVE Coaching Sessions can help you to master the Art of Media buying on social media and search networks Including Facebook, Google etc.

Providing quality traffic is the key to any business to be successful. The amazing thing about this program is that, after you have become a certified media buying, you can set up your own media agency business and start attracting clients who ready to pay you heavily.

I am very sure that Fred Lam will over-deliver, and you can rest assured that the course will train you to become an expert and build your brand.

In case you have any question about Adtrics academy review, kindly let me know from your comment.

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