Clickfunnels 9 Secret Funnels Review

Clickfunnels 9 Secret Funnels Review

Download 9 Secret Funnels Training: Russell Brunson Advanced Sales Funnel Training for ClickFunnels Users.

If you’re a Clickfunnels user and want to learn the fastest ways to profit from sales funnels, then you may want to get you hand on the 9 Secret Funnels Training by Russell.

What is Clickfunnels 9 Secret Funnels?

9 Secret Funnels is advanced training that teaches you nine different types of funnel you can use to grow your business. It is a video training with more than 3 hours where Russell explained the Dotcom Secrets Ignites on how to double your online sales.

Clickfunnels 9 Secret Funnels Review

In the video, Russell talked about the secrets formula, the value leader and how to focus on back-end products instead of the front end product.

The benefits of the 9 Secret Funnels is that it helps you to sell more of your product and 10x your income using back end offers.

Russell shows in the video how Tony Robbins 10X his income by using OTO and back end products and sell more of his products than when he only sell the front end product.

Tony Robbins product:

  • Ultimate edge (trial/$300).The Front End Product
  • UPW ($500-$2,500)-Back end
  • Date W/Destiny ($5k-$10k)-Back end
  • Live Coaching ($2,500/month)-Back end

Dan Kennedy/Bill Glazier

Dan front end product is Gold, which sells for only $50/month. Then, the backend is high tickets, which 10x their income. Here are the backend products:

  • Silver ($250/month)
  • Peak performer ($6,800/year)
  • Platinum ($20k/year)
  • Titanium (30k/year)

The most important thing to learn is that you can sell more and more products to the same customers and make more money. For example, if you’re selling $37 product in your niche, and more of your customers are buying the product, you can also create another product with the same niche, say $197 and sell to the same people.

Russell also talked about the THREE types of traffic and how you can use them to sell your product and grow your business.

You will learn how to steal competitor’s traffic using to promote your business and how to reverse engineer of funnel etc.

How To Get 9 Secret Funnels training?

The 9 Secret Funnels is Upsell when you sign up Clickfunnels account. If you’re new to Clickfunnels and ready to create an account now, then it is very simple to get the training.

If you’re ready to get 9 Secret Funnels, and then click the link below to create your Clickfunnels account, then you will see a page where you can add 9 Secret Funnels training as to your new account.

What is the 9 Secret Funnels Price?

The training cost a one-time payment of $47

Click here to get Clickfunnels 14 day trial.

Make sure to tick YES, add 9 Secret Funnels training cart to my account.

You will get a separate email to confirm that you purchase 9 Secret Funnels training.

My Final Taught

I got a training video and watched it. The 9 Secret Funnels is more or less what he taught in Dotcom secrets book. The only difference is that it is a video and also explained that important to add back end product offer to your product.

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