9 Ways To Make Money Without A Job In 2017:$100,000 Business Ideas

9 ways to make money without a job

ways to make money without a job

The are different ways to make money without a job even if you don’t any qualification.You can make money both online and offline if you are hard working.

Today, we will be looking at different ways with case study on different ways to make money without a job.

You can make $100,000 income in a year from work at home. To achieve this result, it require a lot of work and commitment.

You don’t need to have a college degree before you make money while doing what you love to do.

How can you make $100,000 within a year without full time job?

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9 ways to make money without a Job

1.Selling on Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best place to make money with your skills and knowledge even with passion. There are many ways to make money on fiverr such as graphic design, written article, freelancer work, research work, eBook cover and more.

On Fiverr, freelancers offer their services for $5 in areas like graphics design, writing, video and animation, programming and more. You can create more gig and increase the price to like $10, $15 etc.

Here are the case story of three people who made $100,000 in a year on Fiverr.

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Here is step by step guide to make money on Fiverr

2. Sell Items on eBay

There are People who made more than $100,000 in a year selling toys and other items on eBay.

Linda Lightman , a 53-year-old living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, has turned her luxury consignment store into a multi-million dollar business over the course of 15 years.

She has made $25 million a year selling clothes on eBay. She revealed her tips for becoming a top seller in celebration of the e-commerce website’s 20th anniversary.

Another women, Cathy Haye whose average monthly salary was $28,000 made $100,000 selling a variety of items on eBay.

Learn how to make hundreds of dollar on eBay 

3. Teach Online (No Qualification Required)

There are many ways to teach online and get paid for it without having any certificate. You only need to acquire little skill in most cases to get fast result.

There are many people who are making 10,000 even 20,000 per month teaching on udemy.com. There many tutors on udemy who do not have any college or degree but they have great skills to teach people online through udemy.

If you have the skill on any field such as codding, how to build android app, how to develop website and so on, you are on your way to make thousands of dollar every month

For example if you have programming skill,you can teach people who want to learn programming language such as swift etc.

Rob Percival earn over $100,000 a month from his lessons.

If you have a skill and knowledge, you can become an instructor today. You don’t need to have teaching experience to get started.

Read the step by step guide to make money on Udemy

4. Publish Kindle Books

If you can write short report or ebook, then you can start self-publishing on Amazon kindle may be the best option to make $100,000 a year.

Most people have better result. K-lytics made $100,000 with her Kindle books. Even if you are not a writer, you can still make money publishing on kindle.

Another interesting story is how Mark Downson make $450k per year publishing on Amazon kindle.

Dawson explained that he pocketed 6-figures last year and he’s on course to make much more in 2016.

Click here to learn how Mark Dawson made $100,000 per year.

Want to start kindle publishing? read this post

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5. Sell Photos Online

Making money selling photos and picture is a great way to generate income.

If you love taking photo with camera, then you can sell stock photography through many sites. There are many website ready to pay you for uploading quality and attractive photos.

Register with them and once your account is approved, you can load your photos and get paid when visitors use them.

If you are looking for ways to make money without a job,get camera and start selling photos for companies and most internet marketers.

Below are the list of website where you can sell your photos

6.Build a Profitable Blog

Blogging is one of easiest ways to make money online if done properly. There are many bloggers who are making 5 figures per month with blogging. It will certainly bring in some money but it might not be as fast as other methods.

For example, Michelle Schroeder of making sense of cent is making more than $50,000 per month from blogging. John cow of Johncow.com is making more than $40,000 per month through blogging.

Let do simple math, if you are making $40,000 per month,that means within a year it will be 12*40,000 = 480,000

The trick is to find profitable niche you have passion or ideas for, therefore you will be able to write good blog content.

Here is how to start profitable blog in less than 5 minutes.

7. Sell T-Shirts Online

This is a fantastic money making system. You can make thousands of dollar every month by design T-shirt and start selling online to make more income.

Most people made a net profit of more than $100,000, using just Facebook ads as a primary sales strategy.

One of the tricks to get most from this business is to keep on trying until start seen result.

Selling T-shirt is not a rocket science, but you need to familiar with this type of online business before getting started.

Benny Hsu explained how he made over $100,000 selling T-shirt.

8.Make Money from Amazon FBA

You sell it, Amazon ship it. With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), your products is store in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, they pick it, pack it, ship it, and provide customer service for your products.

You don’t need to build store or need customer care, Amazon will do all the work for you.

Jessical made over $100,000 selling on Amazon. Read the interview here

Learn how to start Amazon FBA business

9. Invest in Bitcoin

You have heard about Bitcoin before?

It is a new way to make money by trading currency. Investing in bitcoin is a great investment.

Here is a story of Teen who name is Erik Finman, he makes $100,000 Through Bitcoin, Crowdfunds VR Headset. He was 15 years old when he started with just $1,000.

He invested $1000 to buy bitcoin and sold it for $100,000.

You can be like Erik Finman ,of course , you only need to buy Bitcoin from websites like CoinBase.com. You need to carry out diligent research before invest heavily on bitcoin.

Here is how to make money with Bitcoin

What do you think about this system?

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Do you believe that you can achieve such a result? Definitely you should be able to do the same and get even better result.

Most important things is to get started, then there will be more opportunity to hit more profit. The more you do, the more you will get.

If you want to learn more on ways to make money without a job,here is a post on 50 ways to make money online fast.

Just believe in yourself and you will achieve a great thing in life.

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