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Make Money On Fiverr – 20 way to make money with Fiverr in 2017


Fiverr.com has become a source of micro outsourced services on the Internet. Not surprisingly, more and more businesses, both online and offline, are using the services offered on Fiverr to make their business grow.

It also serve as sources of income for many other people.

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Make money on fiverr is not as difficult as many people thinks.Every day, there are is increase in demand for any kind services you offer to the global market for digital services. Below are list of 20 easy ways to make money on Fiverr.com without any stress.

It may seem you aren’t getting paid much but if you put more effort and be able to knock out these services in a very short period of time, and back those with valuable extras, your income from Fiverr might be quite a hefty stash of cash.

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20 Ways To Make Money On Fiverr

  1. Mobile Apps & Web Service

If you have the skills and experience on how to create mobile app, you are on your way to make 6 figure per month on Fiverr. Mobile app is a very lucrative business and many people interested in converting their website to mobile app. If you have the experience go for it.

  1. Book Covers & Packaging

If you are creative and good in graphic design, then this is a lucrative business you can start today and start making money. We are in digital word where people are more interested in digital marketing.

You can create 2D or 3D eBook cover, video cover, album cover and more. If you don’t have the skill you can learn it in less than a week and there are many software that can do the job.

     3.Offer eBooks or Reports you’ve Written

Most Fiverr services require that you work on a custom job for you to get paid. In other words, the customer sends you specifications and you produce quality materials based on those specifications.

Instead of you working on new materials for every $5 gig order that comes your way, you can write a report once and sell it over and over to different customers.

As long as you openly let them know that you’re not selling resale rights to your report and that you retain all copyright, you should be read to go.

  1. Proofreading & Editing

Can you create flawless content with proofreading & editing services? If you are from English speaking country or you are very good at English and know how to edit and proofreading, you can make at least $100 in less than one hour of work while drinking coffee.

Proofreading & Editing is a lucrative business on Fiverr and I have seen people having 6k review while some have more than 2k.Start you own Proofreading & Editing service today.

  1. Social media services

Social media services is one the best ways to make money on Fiverr .It is not a surprise that a massive chunk of services offered on Fiverr involve Facebook promotions, Twitter posts and Google Plus promotions.

People in internet business are desperate to get traffic to their websites and they don’t mind paying $5 even $10 to drive traffic to their website.

  1. Write articles and get paid

Another way to make money with Fiverr is to write article and get paid.If you are a freelancer and you can construct correct and good English, then you should be able to write very quickly and get paid handsomely.

If you are able to 450 words in 15 minutes or less, you can rack up a base rate of $25 to $30 per hour. The strategic is to write high quality materials for your buyers to keep coming back.

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  1. Business Copywriting

Are you a copywriter?

Copywriting is the art of writing sales copy for purposes of advertising, such as print ads, brochures, press releases and website content and more.

If you know how to write sales letter that can convince people to buy certain product, you are good to go. Starting a freelance copywriting career is not difficult and is very profitable..

  1. Get paid with marketing software

There are many traffic generation software that can generate traffic to any website. With this software, you can promote clients’ sites within five minutes. If the traffic software doesn’t take more time to set up, you can make $10 for as little as 10 minute. That leads to a gross rate of $300 every day.

  1. Voice over Service

If you can give a brand a voice over in any style, accent imaginable and in any language, you can cash money on Fiverr offering voice over service.

  1. Research.

You can easily get paid to carry out research using Google for a research project. As long as you make sure that your research is strongly focused, you should be able to complete a research in a very short period of time and get paid for your hard work.

  1. Become a virtual assistant

Depending on the country you live in, you can become a virtual assistant and probably make a living selling an hour or two of your time doing simple virtual assistant work for customers you find on Fiverr and other places such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

  1. Alter pictures

If you know how to Photoshop to clear the background off a picture, you can make some decent money through Fiverr. Most people are looking to get the background cropped off their pictures and photos for them to use those pictures online.

There are also many software available that can do the job if you don’t have experience on how to use Photoshop.

  1. Create Design business cards

If you are very creative and have skills on how to design quality business card, you can easily rake more money from Fiverr. There are companies that are always in need of business cards and demand is increasing every day. If you have basic graphics skills to design business cards, then head to fiverr and sign up now!

  1. Take pictures with signs

If you are looking for the easiest way to rake money, then start taking pictures with signs. Start taking a picture of you holding up a sign standing next to a landmark in your area can be a great source of income.

  1. Design Quality flyers

The needs for graphic design has increased exponentially as the online business continues to grow, You can make most of the money on Fiverr if you have the skill and know-how in creating quality and attracted flyers.

  1. Write a Product Review

If you know how to write review of product and write 450 word review in less than 15 to 20 minutes, this can be a best gig to offer. Most business owners are always in need of reviews since consumers often purchase products or services after reading a review and testimonies from users.

  1. Create a testimonial videos

Testimonies videos is a good business of Fiverr and for those who can face and speak professionally in front of a camera, should offer video testimonials. The testimonial videos gig are constantly number one of Fiverr’s top sellers. There are many video software you can use along with your camera to make quality videos that your customer will love.

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Offer SEO Service

There are many ways to make money through SEO if you have the skills.

  1. Use SEO software to diagnostic websites

There are many software that diagnose how healthy a website is in terms of SEO. You can buy SEO software and offer to do SEO diagnoses on Fiverr. You can make quite a bit of cash with this service if you have huge number of gigs.

  1. Use Keyword software to find SEO Long Tail keywords

If you can analysis and diagnosis website using SEO software, you can also applies the same method in finding long tail SEO keywords. Most bloggers want keywords that can easily rank on Google.

There’s a huge demand for this service, if you know how to find low keywords that can rank on Google with low competition, people are ready to pay more to get the work done.

  1. Web Programming

Are you a programmer? Do you have the skills and experience in programing? If yes, then your service is needed on Fiverr where thousands of people ready to pay for your service.

There are some places you can learn basic programing within six months like udemy.com. You can make a lot of money in this service if you have many clients bid for your gig.

There are more ways to make money on Fiverr but the above will help you to what what type of service you can offer on Fiverr.

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Wrapping Up

Regardless of your skill level and experience, there services you can offer the global market for outsourced. Get started on Fiverr today and turn your spare time into spare cash.

Now you have read 20 ways to make money through Fiverr.It is time to take step and create your first gig. Making money of fiverr is not as difficult as many people think, but only require little trick to get good result.

I have seen many people making thousands of dollar every month with just $5 gig. You don’t need to start big, start with one gig and after getting result, then you can create more gigs.

In case you have question on 20 easy ways to make money on Fiverr, kindly let me know through your comment.




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