Bitcoin Displaces Forex In E-currency Trading

Review of BTC robot: The First Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot

Have you ever heard about Bitcoin? The World`s first Electronic Crypto-Currency Robot!

The Next Generation Currency? It is a very new “currency” that allows people to profit without ANY fees of transfer, any freezing of funds, it does not require banks and is currently feared by the established financial institutions to the point of trying to ban it…

But the fun thing is… it is impossible to ban or prohibit because it is not own by anybody!

The beauty of this is that you stay anonymous and in nowadays world, flying under the radar is important…


Recent scandals of governments spying on its citizens are making “transparency” a scary thing.Don`t allow anyone meddle in your financial affairs!

 Checkout what Bitcoin is all about!

The World`s First Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot!

(  No Forex,No Brokers, No Binaries,No Banks, No Holidays, No Censorship!

…Entirely and completely New And Never Sold Before)

Bitcoin is a new e-currency and new revolutionary concept that free from any government and bank limitation. A digital currency of a new era, the best product of an open-source, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system which allows online pay.

Bitcoin is the best of its kind as it a purely peer to peer version of electronic cash that allows online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without need to go through any financial institutions such as banks and government control.

Forget all the ridiculous bank wire fees and commissions, Bitcoin has puts an end to Banking system parasites.


Bitcoin is taking over the word

Bitcoin was first created in 2009 as an online currency that is not controlled by the US federal Reserve or any authority, the exchange rate for bitcoin was $10 in august last year. It may seem high until you realize that one bitcoin is worth roughly $715! That is 12x time increase in value!


Some Major US Online Retailers Start Accepting Bitcoin!

Another win for crypto currencies: Some online retailers overstock has started accepting bitcoin as a form of payment such as Las Vegas Casinos,Lamborghini and McLaren Dealerships who drive Bitcoin Adoption in USA!

In addition, Overstock has partner with Bitcoin platform Coinbase to accept bitocin payments on


How Can You Profit With Bitcoin?

Some years back,the only way to profit was through what people called ”Mining” which is the hard way, for which you receive coins by assist the system to verify secure transactions. It requires a lot of computational power and the algorithm is designed in such a way that mining becomes more and more complex and less profitable with time. Mining days are completely over!

The Bitcoin Robot’s ”Human Greed” Methodology

The times have changed completely and we are the ONLY solution to increase your Bitcoins!

THE Inflation FREE Currency!

Bitcoins are very  limited in amount… can NOT produce them out of thin air nor reprint them, thereby making them safe from inflation!

It is 100% Secure! NON-CLOSABLE!

Bitcoins are unshakable lines of code, that you can even stash on your cellphone, in an E-wallet or download to a USB stick and keep them SAFE…the option is yours!


To make Bitcoin even better, it is decentralized, No one owns it….it is just like internet…you can shut down a machine but you cannot kill it. No matter how government might try to put it down….it is very hard to succeed.

Forex is DEAD! Automated Bitcoin Trading is the ANSWER!

Think of it,if you had a fully automated Bitcoin trading robot, working for you on autopilot around the clock? Trading around the clock? Even on weekends? Forget Forex limitations such as no trading on weekends, Bank holidays etc.

You can trade Bitcoin around the clock,24/7,365 days a year.

No bank limitations on trading time meaning that there is no banks that is controlling it, so it give you a unique opportunity to profit around the clock, two extra days a week!

Check the live tradding account that is traded by a bitcoin robot, complete on autopilot in front of your eyes! Bitoin robot does not have holidays, does not sleep or stop on weekends. Bitcoin is an everlasting profit machine at your fingertips:

You can get it and become yours right now and it is a piece of cake to install!


               Why Does the Bitcoin Robot Work?

Bitcoin is a very young growing market with a small number of exchange market places that ensure huge price fluctuations during the trading day, which bitcoin robot takes advantage of.

During volatile months, the profit can up to 100% per month! During regular months, Bitcoin gives a stable conservative growth of 10-20% per month. The higher the volatility of the market the higher the profit.

There is no leverage trading: You are only trading on your own money, no huge leverages from the brokers like in Forex trading, which means that the risk to lose all your money is very small to non-existent.

The Bitcoin robot is analyzing the prices in all market places in a real time, exploiting the gaps and using hedging techniques to take advantages of almost bulletproof profit opportunities.

How Does It Work?



Quickly open an account with one of the trusted Bitcoin trading exchange market places. Deposit your account in Bitcoin or USD .You can start as low as $100!



Activate Bitcoin robot and let it trade for you! You can choose between windows version or a fully pre-installed VPS version. No hassles, No installation. There is nothing to setup or configure. It is 100% autopilot and human error free. It comes fully pre-installed in your web browser-based numbers area.



Withdraw profits.

Note that this is not a forex robot or MT4 based indicator,.Bitcoin is a custom programmed bot that trades real money….there is no monopoly cash playtime but real results!

You pocket All what you make!

There is no profit sharing, ZERO commissions on earnings! Unlike most services that charge you up to 20-30% of all profits you make, Bitcoin Robot trading is completely FREE. You keep all profits you make. We only make small money on license fees and there are no other hidden costs or recurring payments!

It is time for you to take action and secure your spot.

Think of it, the early bird catches the worm. You missed the early founding Bitcoin days with mining opportunities. It is still not too late to quickly jump in on the train that is about to begin the journey.

Get the trading machine poised to create a new generation of future successful traders.  Ensure to pioneer this kind of currency trading with unlimited potential of future growth.

Be a Pioneer!

To become a successful money maker, you have to stray off the beaten paths….and THIS is your chance now, grab it! Thousands of people are buying Bitcoin every day and you can get ahead of them …but you need to act right now!

You could have earned tens thousands of dollars with a small one-time investment.