How To Start A Successful Blog, Quit Your Day Job and Get Paid to Change the World

How to start a successful blog


How to start a successful blog – Starting a successful blog is not a rocket science or need to have degree to start blogging. There are much information online for you to get started but in most cases it may require to have someone that can help you with some difficulty aspect in order to get a better result on time.

How to Start a Successful Blog

Here is what you will learn from this tutorial:

  • How to choose a topic
  • How to pick the best domain for your blog
  • How to choose Web hosting
  • How to create a blog step by step
  • How to set everything up including your own domain
  • How to make a blog mobile responsive, secure and automatically backed up
  • You will learn how to fully SEO optimized blog with social integration
  • The simple step to add an email subscription opt in form
  • And more

When I stated blogging some years back, there are many challenges I faced along the line but instead of getting tired and quite I was fueling by most of top bloggers by reading their contents and testimonies which gave me hope.

When you are about to start a new business it is very important to have adequate preparation and little knowledge about the business .If you want such a business to boom and complement your effort.

The same thing applicable to blogging, when thinking about how to start a successful blog ,you need to know your market or niche. For example, your niche may be health, wealth, relationship or finance.

Not all bloggers are successful, there are some that are making 6 figures per month while some are making penny, and it depends on mind setting and your goal.

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Why many people start money making blog?

90 percent of the bloggers start blogging for the purpose of generating income while only few people blog for fun. Are you interested in blogging for fun or to increase your income even or to serve as major sources of income?

Some people created blog purposely to advertise their offline business, so no limit, there are many things you can do with blogging.

Are you really interested to be a professional blogger, or you thing you don’t have what it take?

It is a good idea to have more source of income than depend on your day job. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, what of if you are ask to quite your day job or condition warrant it, what will happen?

You may be a ghost write and help people solve certain problem through your content in your area of specialization and make people fall in love with what you write on.

Why Most Bloggers Failed?

It is well known that all bloggers are successful but those that determined and not afraid of failure have more success than those just want to start blogging and rake money immediately. You need to separate yourself from such believe.

Even if you are destined to succeed through blogging, you need to be hard working in order to fulfill your destiny. Blogging has beyond just creating blog write article and start making money.

There is a reward for hard working so you don’t need to dream before you archive your goal because it may not come to reality except you determine and take action and work toward it.

Can you do it alone?

how to start a successful blog

No it might not possible and even taken longer time to see the result especially when it comes driven traffic to your blog. Learning from experts and professional is very important, you can do this by getting the list of at least 20 well know bloggers blog and read their contents on their blog on daily bases.

Check their social networking such as twitter and Facebook and follow them. Let them be your mentors, check what they are doing and how they are doing it, then copy it.

There is no point in afraid of failure, yes; most successful internet marketers today also faced one or two challenges before they stated making money. If you read their stories you will see that nobody have succeeded without experiencing failure in one way or the other, so it is not a barrier, one just need to learn from his failure and avoid repeating it.

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The fastest way to improve your blogging experience and beat others is to spend little money by taken course with any of the experts in blogging. There are thousands of free tutorial that can help you BUT the truth of the matter is that you hardly succeed with free offers.Start a successful blog that make money and generate income should be your ultimate goal while still help others .

Do I need To Quid My Day Job For Blogging?

Well it is all to you, it depend on your goal setting, it depends on what you want to become and the kind of life you want to live. But if those bloggers who are making $10,000, $30,000 $40,000 monthly were not quitting their day job am sure it will be very difficult to have such as success in blogging.

If you want freedom, if you want to build your own future and not depend on another person’s business to survive it is advisable to quit your day job and facing the blogging challenge.

NOTE: You are not going to quite your day job immediately you start blogging, get me right. You need to spend little money to make your blog and business run successful. Let say after six months your blog is making $2500-4500 working as part time blogger. Don’t you think if you dedicate all your time and work hard, you can double the earning?

That is exactly what people like:

Neil Patel at

Matt at

Did and today they are well known as a great bloggers who have made millions of dollars with the WORD blogging.

Hey, wait I know your taught,

Don’t think you cannot achieve the same goal; you can if you dedicate your time and effort toward your online business you will EVENTUALLY reach there. Rome was not built in a day, it was step by step and the successful bloggers did not archive their goal in a day even in six months.

It took them more time but they did not relent their efforts toward their goal. If you want to achieve your goal, want your business to grow and build a better future for yourself, then you need to be focus, exercise patient and work like others that have succeeded, don’t look back but look forward.

Get paid to change the world

Did you hear that word get paid? Can you really get paid and change the world? There is a reword for everything you are doing even people that are very lazy also get paid in a real sense.

You can get paid for blogging and also get paid for helping people solve certain problem that seem impossible for them. If you blog provide real contents that help your visitors to improve their internet or offline business, they will be desperate to ask for your service.

You render a service and you get paid for it, in one way or the other you have change their life for better through your service. Remember you don’t need to open office or need to hire people to work for you, the only two things that are very importance is your computer/laptop and internet connection.

Helping People Achieving Their Goal

Helping people is a way of showing them how to stand alone and make their living through your heal and what they have gained from you by helping them complete a task or sharing your experience. There are many people who may want you to train them; you can help people to improve their business through social media.

What of getting targeted traffic, if people see how you grow your online business with traffic, they will ask for your service or if you are into the word of SEO, sky is the limit. There are many various opportunities to help people and get paid when it comes to bogging.

You are not only blogging; you are helping people to make their dreams a reality.

The End Result

When you just started it may take three, four even six months before start seen the result, to some it may be within two months while it may take 4 or 5 months for others, don’t worry just be focus and intensify your efforts.

It may stat from $25 in the first month and increase to $100 in the second month if you continue work toward getting more result, sure it will get to a time when your PayPal account will be receiving $500, $1500 to $5000, $10,000 and more.

When I just started I taught it will be difficult to make money with my blog. But within three months of hard working I was surprise with result.

And here’s the thing:

I don’t want this for me alone. I want it for you too.

The reason behind the whole story wasn’t just for you to read for fun but also to convince you of one incontrovertible point:


You want to quit your day job and become a professional blogger?

You can do it.

You want to travel around the world, living a better life?

You can achieve it.

You want to offer your time in helping people making the world a better place?

You can do it.

But listen, it may be very difficult to determine to quite your day job due to some factors such external forces like friends, Family and relatives and because of fear of uncertainty.

But if you believe in yourself you don’t need to join the group but silence it in order to accomplish a great thing in life.So your attention should be on how to start a successful blog like pro.

Can you do it?

Yes, starting a successful blog does not require degree, so you can do it

I strongly believe you can do it if others can do it

When? This is the time to get started.

Are you ready? Let go

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