How To Start A Profitable Blog

How To Start A profitable Blog


How To start a profitable Blog

 How To Start A profitable Blog 2016

Starting profitable blog is as not as difficult as many people think off but only require some skills to set it up. People crate blog majorly for source of income why only few start blog for fun.

If you are interested in creating blog for making money or increase your income, you are welcome to my blogging course.

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The good news is that you don’t need to pay dime to start a blog, you will be guided from beginning to the end. Many people learn blogging by paying $97 or more but you don’t need to worry about that, what you need is to get prepare with all the necessary material such as connection and computer or laptop.

I have been fortunate enough to meet and become friends with many outstandingly successful bloggers since I started blogging. We have spent a lot of time talking about what it takes to create money making blog that that have help people to improve their business.

Interestingly, nearly all of the successful bloggers I know have these three things going for them:

  •  A blog that’s set up on the platform, which is what 99% people and I recommended.
  • A desire to create blogs that inspire and/or help other people to make income and improve their business.
  • A qualify mentor – access to someone who has already been successful in blogging.

If you are missing any one of those three things, you may find it very difficult to start a blog that people will like. If you’re not in a right platform, simple things like creating social media sharing bottom or attracting targeted traffic from major search engines may be more difficult even impossible.

If you don’t have a mentor that can guide you, when you get stuck, you’ll be STUCK. But If you have someone to help you to get un-stuck, you can move forward and make your blog better and more better.


This is a question that everyone who interested to start a blog should know; all most 90% of bloggers start a blog to make more income online either uses it to promote offline or online business. Some quite their jobs for blogging while some are part time blogger.

Whether you want to start a profitable blog to promote your business or as a source of income,I’m here for you to help you from beginner to advance.

What You Will Learn

Today I’m going to teach you-

  • How to choose a topic
  • How to pick the best domain for your blog
  • How to choose Web hosting
  • How to create a blog step by step
  • How to set everything up including your own domain
  • How to make a blog mobile responsive, secure and automatically backed up
  • You will learn how to fully SEO optimized blog with social integration
  • The simple step to add an email subscription opt in form

And more

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Follow what’s in the course. You will receive information including videos on the entire process of setting up a blog from start to finish without any stress.

I help at least one person every single day to get their blog set up and running. Since I will get small commission from the web host if you use my course to set up your blog, you aren’t being annoying if you request for help.

You’re HELPING me to make a little extra. It’s a true win-win so you are free to take advantage. I look forward to hearing from you.

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If you have question on how to start a profitable blog,kindly let me know from comment or contact me .

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