How To Start A Blog On Bluehost And Start Making Money


How To Start A Blog

how to start a blog on bluehost in 2017

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One of the easiest ways to make money online is blogging.If you can write great content within your niche,you can make more money through blogging by promoting affiliate products,selling your own products etc.

How To Start A Blog On Bluehost

In this post, I will learn

  • How to pick domain for your blog,
  • How to register with best hosting and get free domain
  • How to install your blog
  • How to customize your blog and more

How to start a blog – we will discourse on how to pick domain name,choose domain registrar and web hosting.

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 How to pick domain For Your Blog

Selecting domain name and good hosting is very important. For choosing a domain name, it is very important to pick a domain that is much related to your blog. For example, if your keyword is “diet weight loss”, your domain would be, which is the exact match domain – It contains the entire keyword in the root domain.

For more examples if you want to blog on yeast infection, you can choose your domain that relate to the yeast infection such as


When register your domain, I highly recommend you to choose .com, .net or .org domain. If possible get a .com domain.

It is very essential to choose a domain that people can easily remember, this is here most blogger got it wrong.

If you want to blog about internet marketing; you can use your name as a domain. There are thousands of top internet marketers and bloggers that name their blog using their personal name.

For example, if you name is James peter, you blog can be, you got it? Ok.

Domain providers 

There are many domain providers where you can register your domain but I would like to recommend the BEST domains registrar use by millions of internet marketers and bloggers.

You can get free domain If you sign up with Bluehost now

Namecheap: Namecheap is one of the best domain registrars with great reputation. One of the advantages of name cheap is that you can get one free year of whois guard in order to protect your information from spammers and competitors.

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You can check for the available domains here

Decide the BEST Hosting Provider To Use.

Next, you will need to get a good hosting account. There are many hosting companies over there to choose from, but I would like to recommend BEST hosting company to start with and you will find it easy to use.

I use this hosting and we enjoying them because they have something in common which is customer care, they care about you and your business, they response to you where you are experiencing problem and provide quick solution within a seconds.

Bluehost is the best trusted hosting, use by millions bloggers.If you are interested in hosting with bluehost, sign up here.

 Hosting Your Blog On Bluehost

How To Start A Blog

You will get free domain directly from Bluehost and make the whole process very easy and simple. I recommend starting from bluehost. If you do this, you can get a FREE domain for the first year if you buy 12 months’ worth of Bluehost.

Sign up for at least 12 months of hosting as you will be saving amount of money this way. So with bluehost you don’t need to pay for domain registration again.

Not only getting a cheaper monthly price when you buy at least 12 months of web hosting,but the free domain just makes it even better.

If you decide to get the free domain from this hosting company, just continue to the next step as you can purchase your hosting and get the free domain all in one step.

Setting up a WordPress blog on Bluehost is very simple and easy, no hassle. First, we need to talk about the costs of blogging:

To get the cheapest price to start a blog, then choosing the “PLUS’’plan is actually all you need.

If you only want to host one domain,you can choose BASIC which is $2.75 per month.

It’s only cost $5.49 per month if you sign up for 36 months.

If you are a beginner and you are unsure about blogging, I recommend signing up for the 12 month plan as this is very affordable for one year of blogging.

The bluehost BASIC plan is all you really need for now, so forget the Plus and  as they are very expensive. You can change to other plan later if there is need for it.

Another thing you may need to pay for when it comes to blogging is Domain Privacy Protection, which cost only $0.99 per month.

This is important so that your contact information is protected and safe.

If you register through namecheap, you will get free privacy for one year, which mean you don’t need to pay for domain privacy for the first year.

You don’t need anything other than the above; you do not need the other items that Bluehost sells, so you will need to uncheck any of the extras that are listed.

NOTE: if you sign up with BLUEHOST , you will get free domain if you purchase a 12 month or longer hosting plan.

How to sign up on Bluehost

how to start a blog on bluehost

  • Click on the prefer package you are interested in, prefer one is plus-most popular.

how to start a blog on bluehost


  • Click on SELECT
  • Enter your new domain name , or if you have registered domain, type it in to the space provided and click the NEXT

how to start a blog on bluehost

  • Fill your account information.

how to start a blog on bluehost

Choose your plan:There are 3 plans,starting from 12 months,24 months and 36 months.

Make sure to unchecked all except domain privacy.If you don’t want it,you can also unchecked it.

how to start a blog on bluehost

Enter your payment Information:

how to start a blog on bluehost

Don’t forget to check and agree the Bluehost policy.Then click SUBMIT.

Next you will be asked to enter a password. Make sure you can remember your password any time you want to logging in to your hosting account.

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Setting Your Domain With Your Hosting Account

Note: You can skip this section if you buy your domain directly from Bluehost.

If you buy your domain through namecheap, then you will need to point your domain to your hosting account. Namecheap has a full support page for setting nameservers for your domain names. Below is a summary:

How to configure your DNS Nameservers when you are using Namecheap for your domain and Bluehost for your hosting:

  1. Log into the Account Manager.
  2. Select Manage Domains from the Domain Names drop-down menu or the Manage Your Account list.
  3. Select the domain you wish to configure or modify using the check boxes and then click Set NameServers.
  4. There is a space provide to enter your updated name server information under the bluehost Name Servers .On the right side of your page, click Save Changes at the bottom. Your DNS sever should look like below this:;

After configure you nameserver, you need to add your domain to your bluehost to complete the configuration.

You will then need to add the domain you bought (from Namecheap) as an addon domain to your Bluehost .

You can simply do this by logging to your bluehosting account and click on “Addon Domains”( clicking on “assign.”) Follow the steps and it is very simple and easy!

Install and Setting Up WordPress Blog

Starting a blog is not as difficult as many people think, one just needs to master the steps, and then you are done. And this is most interesting part; to install your blog just require a click of the mouse.

Setting up your wordpress blog is very simple, you only need to install it through control panel (Cpanel).If you sign up with Bluehost, and you will need to locate Install wordpress.

Login to your control panel given by Bluehost.

If you are facing any problem,contact me here.

How To Start A Blog

On the WordPress Installation screen, click “Install wordpress

When you are in your cPanel (your cpanel login will be sent to you through bluehost as a incoming email.

Click the “One Click Install” button.Then, click on the WordPress icon on the next page located under “Blogs.”

How To Start A Blog

Click on the “Start” button. This will begin the installation.

13) Click “show advanced options.”

How To Start A Blog

Now, you will see “Advanced Options.” This is where you pick your username and password for your website. You should choose something safe. Avoid using “Admin” as your username.

This will prevent hacker to hack your website. So create a username with a combination of different letters, numbers, both upper and lower case are very important.

Remember to save your username and password.

You will need to check “Automatically create a new database for this installation” and “terms and conditions of the GPLv2” are checked as well. Click “Install Now.”

how to start a blog

If the installation is successful you will see WordPress has been successfully installed. Congratulation

Now head to your email, and you should receive information from Mojo Marketplace. This email is important, ensure you save it! It contains your website URL, your blog admin login URL, and WordPress login username.

how to start a blog

Now with your password and username, you can log into WordPress and you’ll be directed to your WordPress dashboard. You will need to spend some time to go through the various settings. At first it may be confusing but with time you will master everything.

Log in into WordPress

To log into your newly created WordPress site, simply type in your domain followed by “/wp-admin”. For example, www.domain/wp-admin .

You will now enter the administrator username and password you created when you installed WordPress.

How To Start A Blog

In in case you are confused for any reason if you sign up for Bluehost (such as how to set it up, how to get premium theme, etc.), you can quickly send me an email so I can assist you. I’m here for you, so don’t be afraid, I would love to receive your email.

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Customize Your Blog With Premium Theme

The next thing is to change the theme of your blog to make it look more professional and attractive to your readers. There are thousands of themes you can use for your blog both free and paid. Below are the places you can get niche themes for your niche blog.

To make your blog look professional, you will need to know little coding but most premium wordpress theme has done all the coding job for you, with the premium theme, you don’t need to know any codding to make your website look attractive and professional.

If you are looking for the best wordpress theme for your blog, then Genesis theme seems to always be the most popular.

Other most popular themes are:

Theme forest

Optin skin Themex

There are free themes through WordPress you can use too. Just go to “Appearance” by the left hand side on your wordpress dashboard and click on “Themes,” then activate any theme you are interested in testing out. After install your theme, you can start designing your blog easily!

Alternatively, you can simply visit  and find yourself a bunch of free themes, there are more than 10,000 themes available for free. You can use them for your niche blog if you cannot get premium.

Click here to learn step by step how to customize your blog

WordPress Plugins

Now that you blog is alive, it is very important to get traffic from search engine and let people know that your blog exist.

There are many plugins but few are working better. To be frank, you cannot do without plugin,so it is a must. The first one am going to introduce is SEO plugin.

There are hundreds of wordpress SEO plugin but I would only mention few that are working better and use by millions of internet marketers and bloggers.

WordPress SEO

(i) SEO PROCESSOR-The best SEO plugin used by more than 1 million bloggers

(ii)SEO by yoast:-It has both free and paid version. This is another best plugin that can help your blog drive more traffic you money making blog.

NOTE: It you want a quick result, I strongly recommend SEO PROCESSOR, it can boost your website and let people find your keyword on the first page of Google.

iii) Google XML sitemaps:-This helps to build a sitemap for your blog and also pings. It can really help in getting your blog indexed quickly.

(iV) Contact Form 7:- Helps easily to add contact for as to your wordpress pages/posts

v) W3 Total cache or Wp super cache:- This plugin is very useful, it make your site load faster. It generates static html files from your dynamic wordpress blog.

There are some other plugins available on for free.

Now have has come to the end of how to make a blog, I hope you have learnt something better about how to create a blog and make money. There is no more time to procrastinate make sure you take a step further and register you domain.

You need to start from somewhere and your first step gives you confidence that you can do it, don’t wait till tomorrow start you blogging career now.

There are more information on how to create a successful blog you can get online to add to what you have learnt today, simple go to Google or  to educate yourself more on how to create a blog that can generate you income.


  • Choose a Niche
  • Register your domain
  • Register for webhosting
  • Point you domain to your hosting account
  • Install wwordpress
  • Install theme and plugins and ready to go.

Starting a profitable blog is not as difficult as many people think,but only requires more time to get the best result.

Are you starting a blog now?

If you ever have any questions or any technical problem on how to start a blog or setting up a blog, please ask through the comments or contact me through ‘’contact us’’ and we’ll try to help as best we can. What are you waiting for, start a profitable blog now and rock the world!!

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