How To Earn Money From Home Without Quitting Your Day Job

how to Earn money from home

How to earn money from home is one of the biggest question people looking for ways to earn extra income at home. Ether you are home mummy or father even if you are a college student, you can start earn ways to earn money from home with just two hours of work per day.

There are many information on internet that tell you how to earn money from home or make money at home without any work or task, those are the scam information people reveal which are not a legitimate ways of making extra money at home.

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In this post you will learn various ways to earn money online when you are at home. The only major materials you need is computer and internet connection. I am not talking about making $20 or $100 per month, am taking about earning thousands of dollar per month with just two to three hours per day without quitting your day job.

How to earn money from home

Are you ready to learn how to earn money from home? Below is the list of ways to how to earn extra money from home.

  1. Blogging:

Blogging is one of the best and real ways to earn money at home. It only requires little skill and training to get started and the capital is minimal. With just $20, you can start a blog that can earn your more than $2000 per month.

How To Start Money Making Blog

Start money making blog is very easy; you need to know if you have passion toward blogging and the market you are aim to target. For example if you love fitness and you know how people can lose weight through exercise and more, then you are on your way to make money on blogging.

After you have a pick a niche such as investment, internet marketing, health and fitness, the next step is to narrow it down to sub niche for example if your niche is health and fitness, them break it down to sub niche like weight loss, sleep disorder, etc.

  •  Cooking
  •  Health
  •  Travel
  • Technology
  • Personal finance
  • Marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Dating

Register domain and webhosting for your website. You need domain and web hosting to host your blog. There are many webhosting services on the internet. Click here to read review of web best hosting company. Looking for how to earn money online from home through blogging, check below articles to learn more.

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  1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is another ways to earn money from home. Affiliate marketing is simply mean selling people’s products and earns commission. For example if you promote $45 product and visitor buy the product through your link you will earn $22.5 if commission is 50 percent.

If you have blog, you can promote affiliate product with your blog or website. There are many affiliate programs you can join online and start promoting their product immediately once you are accepted. Most of the affiliate programs are free to join, you don’t need to pay fee.

Earn money working from home with affiliate marketing does not require much capital to start, if you have blog or website you are on the way to start making thousands of dollar monthly.

There are many affiliate training you can join to become affiliate marketer with three months.

If you want to go for affiliate marketing to earn money from home, then here is the in-depth post on how to double your affiliate earning with a single page website.

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3.Become Freelancer Writer

To become a freelancer writer you need to be passionate about writing and confident in your skill and ability to produce outstanding work. If have freelancer skill you should consider becoming a freelance writer as it can earn you more money than you think.

There are many places to apply for freelancer job but here are the best websites to check such as:





There are more available on net, you can do more research and get details. If you’re really determined, you could even create a blog and tell the world about your skills, this we help you look professional and generate an income

4.Sell your skills. Selling your skills is one of the fastest ways to earn money from home. If you have experience in design, programming, blogging, marketing, virtual assistance, codding, software creation etc.

There are website available where you can help people solve their problem and get paid, it depends on your knowledge and skills. Below are the places you can show and shell your skills:

  1. Virtual Assistant

Are you interested in helping others? If so, virtual assistant a job could be right for you. As a virtual assistant, you help out on various works such as send emails, with paperwork, draft documents, and take adequate care of company need would generally assign to a secretary.

The advantage of being a VIRTUAL assistant is that you can do secretarial work without need to set foot in an office. Interested then register at for more information on how to get started in the field.

  1. Become Online Tutor

If teaching is your passion or you is a teacher teaching. You can earn more money from home when becoming an online teacher. It needs to go through some classes and training before you get started. This can increase your monthly earning if you are good in the following subjects:



Music and arts

Click here to join

Also, here is another opportunity to earn money teaching people how to acquire knowledge through videos. At , there are many area you can help people solve certain problem, teaching or training people how to achieve their goal. There are many courses at and people are earning thousands of dollars every month. Register with Udemy is free; you can even acquire skills at and also selling your course to people. Udemy is one of the fastest ways to make money when working at home.

  1. Review stuff

If you have skill to write perfect review, then you can anything between $2 and $50 per review base on the requirement. You can visit Yelp and get some special invites.

There are many ways to earn money working from home and I sure you have gained something from this article. Earn money online from home is not as difficult as many people think, it only require time and commitment. If you really want to make really money at home from online, it is advisable to learn blogging and affiliate marketing.

Read my post on how to start money making blog in less than 5 minutes. Also check out this post on affiliate marketing: 11 steps to double your affiliate earning with a single page website.

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