How To Create Stunning Infographics For Your Business

How To Create Stunning Infographics For Your Business   


Infographic has been one of the major ways to attract traffic to your site as it explain what information you want to pass to your readers. Many people find it difficult to create simple infographic to illustrate what they want to pass across their customers.

One major advantage of creating infographic is that you can share it on pinterest and other infographic directories to gain more visibility and targeted traffic to your you will get more information on how to create stunning infographics for your business.

Also you cannot mention Pinterest without mentioning infographics in the same breath. These visual analysis and information, if done right, can be a great and huge traffic magnet on both the popular pinning website, as well as your own site.

   How To Create Stunning Infographics For Your Business     

       Doing the Research

Getting information on how to create infographic and gathering the statistic may be the most time consuming part but there are many sites that can help you and make it easier:

Below are the lists of site that can help you on how to create stunning infographic for your business

1. Statistic Brain: Stats and numbers on everything from sports to food and much more. Get more about statstic brain at

2. Pew Internet Research. This site is very powerful as they have their own infographic as well as information series of up-to-date topics, including web security, cell phone, business, online banking etc.

3. Pew Research Centre: pew research centre is another site that can help you when it comes to creating infographic. They Provide details look at hot topics including the following: Religion, global and social trends, Politic, education and so on.

                        How To Create Eye-catching Content that People Want

The next step to create a better infographic is the information you are displaying need to be a kind of content that people and customer want to read and feel happy to share. The text of your infographic must be clear and readable before it can pass information to your audience.

Further than these tips, however, there is very little information on how to really go about creating the infographic itself if you would like to do it yourself. What you need is to outline your work in such a way that it will concise and contain details.

There are many tools available that can help you to create your infographic such as piktochart and, they are incredible tools that can do the magic for you to create attractive infographic for your business.

The best among the tools is uses themes as a starting point for creating and designing your infographic, then make easy for you to drag and drop individual elements for your stats:

How To Create Stunning Infographics For Your Business


The above example of the many design choices for infographics at

Topics To Cover in an Infographic?

Before starts creating your infographic know that certain types of data and topics do better in this format than other. I will state the areas that are more important when it comes to infographic.

I) Comparisons ii) Cause-and-Effect/Relationship iii) Time iv) Differences

                      How To Design Infographic Using piktochart

Creating infographic with piktochart is not so difficult as people thinks, it is very possible to design your infographic within 10 minutes that will look professional.

Step1. Create account with Before you can make use of piktochart, you must register account with them. Go to and register your account.

 How To Create Stunning Infographics For Your Business


Step 2.Login onto your account and select prefer theme. You can also narrow down the choice of the theme by selecting category of your infographic.

How To Create Stunning Infographics For Your Business


Step 3.  You need to customize the colours and font in order to suit your styles and preference of the infographic you are creating. It is very important to make your infographic look attractive and professional even if you are just starting in order to gain more visibility and shares.

How To Create Stunning Infographics For Your Business

Step 4. Edit your Canvas. To edit your canvas, just double click on the text. Make sure the text of the infographic is clear and very easy to read, if people find it difficult to read the text that means the purpose might not be accomplished.

Step 5.Drag And Drop of the text and Image: You need to reposition some text and image that you do not need when creating your infographic.

                        How To Create Stunning Infographics For Your Business

Step 6: Upload Data Visualization:

To upload your data visualization, you can click on the data visualization tab under tools, then Data visualization (Charts icon) and manually add some data, alternatively you can upload a CSV file export from Excel.

Step 7.Save and export your Infographic: You can either save it as image or just publish it in Html. You can also embed it as iframe. You are done

By follow the above steps, you will be able to design your infographic that can help your readers and answer their bothering questions.

How to promote Your Infographic and Getting Traffic to Share and Re-pin It

After designing your infographic, the next it to promote it and get targeted traffic to share and re-pin it. If your website is blog you can use wordpress plugin called social Image Hover to share your infographic on pinterest. Download the plugin here:

Alternatively, you can use pinterest widget to do the work, install pinterest widget here

The next is to share your new infographic across most popular infographic galleries.

You could spend weeks or months creating the best infographic, but if nobody knows that it exists, then you have wasted your time which can never be regain. For your infographic to perform well, you actually have to share it.

There are many excellent directories and blogs sites devoted for infographics that can really help you to get your infographic go viral and attract more traffic to your websites. Below is the major directories worth to check. Another infographic creation tool as well as a gallery/

Another way to share you infographic is to use the service of ‘’Click To Tweet’’. Click to tweet will let you copy and paste a stat in a box and then create a clickable link that can auto fill in your Twitter message area that Tweet. Check it here .It is a great way to share your stats and showcase your infographic to the social web.

This information may seem like a lot of work, but once you create your first infographic, it becomes second nature. Take action today and see result tomorrow.Create infographic for your business will help you to become authority in your niche or market, so add it your activities and very soon you will actual see the result.


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