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Website Visitor Tracking Software


Website Visitor Tracking Software -Increased Sales, Leads and Click-Through Rate WITH LESS traffic!

Web analytics review – Best Website Visitor Tracking Software

I believe that every one of us would like to know how to achieve what I have written in the title.

With the best Website Visitor Tracking Software, you can Improve Your Email Marketing Results through Today’s Most Powerful Click Tracking tool and Click Targeting Solution!

And the good news is that the trick is actually very simple, which is by “spying” on what each visitor does on your website. Once you understand what your visitor’s behavior is, you can optimize your website easily. 🙂

spyvisit is the PERFECT click tracking tool that turns any internet marketer into a marketing genius and conversion dynamo!

Spyvisit, the best web analytics software will ethically Spy Your Visitors with Real-Time Recordings and Heat Maps that’s guaranteed to Increase Conversion & Engagement.

But the problem is, how we can achieve that? I will explain on how below.

Spyvisit, a company that invented a tool that able to see what your visitors do on your website using real-time visitor recordings & heat maps (which is not provided by Google Analytics). And one of the best things is that their system is able to work perfectly with Google Analytics and get more detailed data.

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SpyVisit key features included:

  1. Visitor Mouse Movements Recordings

* Using video recording, you can see exactly what website visitors are doing on your website.

  1. Clicks Heat Maps

* See what website visitors are clicking on your website instead of what “you think” they are clicking.

  1. Eye-Tracking Heat Maps

* See where website visitors are looking at on your website.

  1. Scroll Heat Maps

* See how far visitors scroll so they don’t miss anything important!

  1. Real-Time Reporting

* See what website visitors do at all times.

  1. Works perfectly with Google Analytics

* SpyVisit is 100% compatible with Google Analaytics. You will get even more data using both!

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Oh yeah, they provides multiple packages which are suitable for almost all ranges of website owner including affiliate marketer, product owner, Adsense user, and many more!

Recall these offers are very limited, so you have to check it now and if you have any question, kindly ask the support team about anything you need.

I strongly recommend you to at least have a look at it.

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